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La Sélection de Marc 2 - Weekly selection of the Alliance Française French Film Festival

Tue, Feb 19, 2019 / by Marc

Every week, we share our "movie of the week", selection made by Marc, our Cultural Assistant and cinema enthusiast. The selection is made from the line-up for the Alliance Française French Film Festival. Here is our second selection!

Feature - AFFFF selection 2

Place Publique by Agnès Jaoui


A sharp criticism of the French intelligentsia

The movie is a fine, on point criticism of a certain class made of different groups that hate each other and all at once need each other: the provocative and ageing cynical man, the idealist one amazed by flowers and grass, the young and cocky new celebrity... They're all here for your best entertainment.


Humour: strong tool of criticism in the French cinema

In this world of hypocrisy and fake modesty, the spectator enjoys to see through the characters and to understand how they lie to themselves. A harsh attack, full of irony, of what the French call the "bonne conscience", translated literally "the good consciousness", meaning that we are better at telling people how to run their life than showing the right example.


A lead actor applauded at the opening of last year's festival edition

A film full of witty dialogues and hilarious situations, led by Jean-Pierre Bacri who also had the leading role of C'est la vie!  last year's big hit of the Alliance Française French Film Festival.


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Written by Marc

Marc is the Cultural Assistant of the Alliance Française de Canberra.

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