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3 Movies To Practise Your French with Canal+ Australie! - March Edition

Tue, Feb 26, 2019 / by Adeline

Canal+ Australie broadcast many French films, from recent hits to classic movies. Here are the top 3 movies you can watch in March!

Feature - CanalSat Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

1. Radiostars (2012) – Wednesday 27/02/19 at 19h22 on TV5 Monde (19)


Film directed by Romain Levy.

With « Radiostars », Romain Levy signs its first feature film, which is partly autobiographic as it tells the story of its early stages at the radio NRJ. Indeed, Romain (Ben in the movie) dreamt to succeed in the American cinema industry but he failed and came back to France to animate the famous French radio. There, he met Manu Payet (Alex) that actually plays its own role in Radiostars!

After this setting, the movie gets more fictional as the radio (BlastFM) loses audience: the hosts have to get on the road to meet their public, promote their programs and get the company afloat again. But this trip is mostly about getting to know each other: even when they get into tricky situations they manage to stick together. You will both discover the crazy world of French radio and the joyful spirit of this team, in the middle of the French countryside.


2. Un Sac de Billes (2017) – Saturday 02/03/19 at 20H10 on channel 122


French drama directed Christian Duguay.

Based on the famous 1973 novel written by Joseph Joffo, this movie is the second screen adaptation of “Un Sac de Billes”. Directed by the Canadian Christian Duguay, it delivers a new version of Joffo’s autobiographic masterpiece. The purpose is to keep the collective memory alive and let the new generation know about what happened during the Occupation.

It brings us back in the 1940’s, right in the middle of WWII. The Joffo family lives in Paris: Roman (Patrick Bruel) and Anna (Elsa Zylberstein) with their two little boys, Maurice and Joseph, all Jews and proud to be so. But with the growing anti-Semitism, the parents take the difficult decision to let their children go in the free zone, in the South of France. This story is about these two kids and their frantic flight across the country. It is one of the most beautiful battles for liberation and an anthem to regained pride!


3. Cessez le Feu (2016) – Friday 22/03/19 on channel 122


French movie directed by Emmanuel Courcol.

Let’s go back a few decades before and get into the 1920’s French Roaring Twenties. After the horror of WWI, the former soldier Georges left for Africa to get away from painful memories. When he comes back to France, he reconnects with his mother and Marcel, his brother that became mute because of war trauma. When Hélène arrives to give him sign language lessons, Georges succumbs to her charm and finally tries to put himself back together.

Director Emmanuel Courcol releases its first feature film with this historical movie, starring the amazing Romain Duris in a strong and stubborn character. This movie depicts the after-war craziness that spread across France but all the main characters are running away from it, especially Georges. That’s what’s interesting about this movie: forgetting the war and losing yourself into the 1920’s chaos is the not the way-out…


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Written by Adeline

Marketing Officer at the Alliance Française de Canberra

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